About your consultation

Step 1

On booking an appointment you will be sent a questionnaire and a 6-day food diary to complete and bring along to your first consultation. Client confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Step 2

During the initial consultation further information will be taken and your current diet, lifestyle and symptoms will be assessed alongside your previous medical and family history. A full explanation will be given on any findings and their manifestations plus information on any biochemical imbalances (including vitamin and mineral deficiencies) which may be contributing to your current health concerns. Functional testing may be advised for more advanced exploration of underlying causes. Together, and in consideration of your own health goals, an initial action plan will be agreed. Supplements may also be recommended. Telephone and email support is included.

Step 3 & ongoing

Follow-up consultations are scheduled for usually 4 weeks following the initial consultation to assess progress and provide further advice and information as necessary. How frequently you need to return will vary according to your individual circumstances and the nature of your health goals.


Kate offers a 10% discount on all supplements ordered through The Natural Dispensary.

Functional Testing

Tests may include stool analysis, hormone panels (e.g. female, thyroid or stress hormones) and food intolerance/allergy testing.

Accompanied Supermarket Shopping

Kate also offers the unique service of accompanied food shopping trips to your local supermarket. These are extremely useful in helping you achieve the nutrition recommendations given in the consultations. During these trips, Kate gives more information about certain foods, encourages the best choices and gives ideas on cooking and storing.

Home visits:

Can be arranged.


Can be arranged.