I first met Kate after a lengthy period of stress in my life and after suffering a significant bereavement. I was extremely drained and concerned about my tiredness and lack of energy, together with other symptoms such as insomnia and hair loss. On top of this I was noticing signs of the onset of the menopause. As a vegetarian, I knew that nutrition was important and I wanted to make sure that I was doing all that I could to improve my health.

Kate has made an enormous difference to my well-being. She has taken the time to listen and treat me holistically. She has taught me how to manage my diet to maximise my health and minimise my symptoms. Her approach has always been sensible and positive and the changes she has suggested, along with prudent use of supplements has had a huge impact. She has enabled me to take control and look after myself which has flowed into other areas of my life. The improvements have been noticeable to those around me and I've received many comments about how much better I look.

Rosemarie, Surrey

Kate has provided me with a highly professional and personal service which I would be pleased to recommend to anyone requiring some nutritional assistance. Kate quickly established that my lack of energy and cravings for high sugar and salt foods at certain times in the day could be due to my diet, stress and hormone imbalances . After completing a food diary for a few days I could also see patterns emerging and Kate went through this with me and encouraged me to try to introduce some small changes. These changes made a big difference improving energy levels and feeling on the whole much calmer. She is constantly encouraging on the progress, focusing on the positives whilst being supportive where improvements can be made. Kate made these easy to follow with her clear guidance, support handouts and a written summary of her consultations. I have found the whole experience refreshingly simple and one that I have implemented and will maintain within my normal hectic lifestyle.

Ailsa, Surrey